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Intimate Waxing Nottingham

Different strokes for different folks

It’s not just the treatment of choice for celebs, models and sports pros, the growth of intimate waxing over the last ten years has been phenomenal – it’s what Velvet Patch specialises in, spends most of the working day doing and frankly wouldn’t actually have a business at all if we retro’d back to the 70s and let it all grow!

But is it a Hollywood, Playboy or Sphinx? Las Vegas or Vajazzle?
Fact is no two people (or salons) call intimate waxing by the same name.

What matters is that you the client gets what you want, and you define how much or little you want off and from where.  Velvet Patch will ensure your needs are understood (regardless of name) before picking up a spatula and we can christen YOUR wax something completely different if you like!!

**Velvet Patch has defined certain male/female intimate treatments to help clients define needs and structure pricing – these can be found in the respective male/female tariff.

Just go for it

Velvet Patch regularly welcomes intimate first-timers with many Brazilian virgins now happily travelling the hair-free highway. Many clients start out incrementally and some do a wax/clipper combo, but all are wowed by the wax and are eager to continue.
Most clients comment “is that it?” with the reality of the process not half as daunting as the anticipated.  Velvet Patch recognises your first appointment can be nerve racking but know you’ll be in a private, comfortable setting, in experienced, professional hands and will be helped on that hair-free highway whatever route/pace you decide to take – just go for it, you’ll be joining literally thousands of clients that have been waxed by Velvet Patch.

Don’t be cruel with your jewels

Hard wax (sometimes called hot or non-strip) was designed for intimate places, it’s more effective at removing coarse, deep rooted hair and far kinder on the skin. Industry codes of practice also mean therapists must now be separately accredited in intimate waxing to both ensure they have the skill/care to carry out such a delicate, soft tissue treatment and to ensure they are fully and comprehensively insured. Velvet Patch is proud to be Axiom certified and formally and separately accredited in both male and female intimate waxing.

If shopping around for your Brazilian do confirm hard or hot/non-strip wax is being used and never, ever be afraid to ask to see certificates – it shows you care, are informed about your treatment and any certified therapist will show certificates with pride.

Additionally, many salons are now boasting the sub 10 min Brazilian wax – some a mere 6mins! Whilst agreed we don’t want to unnecessarily prolong the treatment, Velvet Patch really does question this claim as a metric of quality.  Do you really want the entire area ripped off in as fewer strips as possible? Soft tissue areas do not and should not be subjected to such unnecessary trauma in the quest for greater commercials.

Velvet Patch will always and only be driven by results not minutes and/or commercials.

Finally- Is your Brazilian really anyone else’s business?

As businesses continue to embrace social media to attract new clients from the world and clients increasingly share their most intimate details with the world, please know that client confidentiality matters to Velvet Patch & is assured on every level.

This means you’ll not be asked to join a Facebook page, followed on Insta or tweeted about. Indeed, you’ll not be asked to “like” our work……because with a wonderful, loyal and committed client base we already know you do!

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